Being stylish doesn’t have to destroy the planet!

Did you know the fashion industry:

- Emits the same amount of greenhouse gases PER YEAR as the entire economies of France, Germany and the UK COMBINED

- Under the current trajectory, misses the carbon emissions target agreed by 196 countries by OVER 50%

- Is due to use an extra 115 MILLION hectares of land before 2030 that we desperately need for biodiversity

In our notebook for slow fashion we help you look at whats in your wardrobe and where you could be sourcing from in the future. This is meant as a beginners guide so if this is all new or you’ve just started then you are in the right place.

Inside you will find:

- Simple and easy to understand ideas that are judgement free (we accept you where you are in your journey)

- Some actions that can get you started 

- A huge pool of resources from brands to podcasts 

All you need to do is simply complete the box and we will send you your free copy immediately. 

Be sure to tag is on Instagram @terra_neutra and share your journey with us

This document is designed to be completed over a period of time. We recommend that your print it or complete the exercises in your own notebook. To make sure we are prepared for your printing, for every download we will plant 5 trees.

Terra Neutra is on a mission to create a Carbon Positive world through responsible and honest living. Our Family Footprint product is a way for you to reduce your impact on the world without having to do any of the math. 

We do all the hard work for you, you just pick whether you want to pay annually or monthly.