Download our Slow Living Notebook

A free set of practical exercises to help you slow down, take a breath and find gratitude for your life.

This guide is aimed for those who are somewhere near the beginning of their slow living journey. 

Perhaps you know a lot about the idea of slow living but don’t have practical solutions?

Perhaps you simply recognise that your life is going by a little too fast?

You can complete all the exercises in this notebook in one session or you can spread them out in a way that works for you. None of what we have created is meant to be challenging or overwhelming so if those feelings begin to arise then we invite you to take a short break or a long break and revisit.  


- Perfect for beginners 

- Lots of resources to continue your journey on

- Judgement free

This document is designed to be completed over a period of time. We recommend that your print it or complete the exercises in your own notebook. To make sure we are prepared for your printing, for every download we will plant 5 trees.

Terra Neutra is on a mission to create a Carbon Positive world through responsible and honest living. Our Family Footprint product is a way for you to reduce your impact on the world without having to do any of the math. 

We do all the hard work for you, you just pick whether you want to pay annually or monthly.