Close up of Christmas tree with coloured balls

Terra Neutra's 12 Days of Christmas

December 03, 2019

Clearly we haven't waited until the 12 days before Christmas to share these with you.....

1. Newspaper instead of wrapping-paper, string instead of tape, avoid glossy & glittery paper which can’t be recycled.

2. Consider replacing the older Christmas lights with LED lights

3. Turn them off when you go to bed!

4. Buy used/2nd-hand - charity shops & e-bay are your friends

5. Sign up to a Box Scheme / Oddbox (not just for Christmas)

6. Plastic or real trees…

7. Run a re-gift Secret Santa at work

8. Switch to a renewable energy tariff

9. Buy an oven thermometer to make sure your Christmas day roast is perfect and a fridge thermometer to ensure any leftovers keep fresh efficiently

10. Going crackers!

11. Reasonable food helping, avoid buy one get one free if it’s not needed & make space in the freezer in the run up to Christmas

12. Put a lump of C02 in someone's stocking and make resolutions to go carbon neutral!

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