Black Friday Waste

Have NO REGRETS this Black Friday

November 25, 2020

Safe to say here at Terra Neutra we're not huge fans of Black Friday, it being a prime example of wasteful, climate-damaging mass consumerism!

This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending in the UK is forecast to increase from £5.6 billion (2019) to £6 billion in 2020.*

UK shoppers are planning to spend £295.67 on average each, +18% (£44.47) more than 2019.*

More shopping =  more carbon emissions and more negative environmental impact. 

So we've decided to launch new product called ‘No Regrets’.  In 2018, 21% of Brits purchased something on Black Friday/Cyber Monday that they later regretted.*

They spent an estimated average of £83 on each of these items: that’s 1 in 5 people who bought something that they later realised they didn’t want and/or need.*

Our ‘No Regrets’ product costs £83 and will plant 361 trees in Madagascar which will sequester approx 36 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) across their lifetime.
Plant trees with Terra Neutra
We think this is a better way to spend £83 and one that you won't regret!

* Source:

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