Terra Neutra’s 12 Days of Christmas

Clearly we haven’t waited until the 12 days before Christmas to share these with you…..

1. Newspaper instead of wrapping-paper, string instead of tape, avoid glossy & glittery paper which can’t be recycled.

2. Consider replacing the older Christmas lights with LED lights

3. Turn them off when you go to bed!

4. Buy used/2nd-hand – charity shops & e-bay are your friends

5. Sign up to a Box Scheme / Oddbox (not just for Christmas)

6. Plastic or real trees…

7. Run a re-gift Secret Santa at work

8. Switch to a renewable energy tariff

9. Buy an oven thermometer to make sure your Christmas day roast is perfect and a fridge thermometer to ensure any leftovers keep fresh efficiently

10. Going crackers!

11. Reasonable food helping, avoid buy one get one free if it’s not needed & make space in the freezer in the run up to Christmas

12. Put a lump of C02 in someone’s stocking and make resolutions to go carbon neutral!

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