Plant 1000 Trees!

If you're looking to make a statement, what better way to do it than by creating your own forest!

This donation plants 1,000 trees to which we will contribute a further 100, making your personal forest a mighty 1,100 trees big.

1,000 trees will sequester around 100 tonnes of carbon emissions. That's the equivalent of over 10 years an average person's carbon footprint.

You can also sign up to a monthly donation, where you can commit to planting a set number of trees per month; 12 trees per month, 24 trees per month & 48 trees per month.

After Amazonia, Madagascar is the largest natural rainforest in the world but 2% of it is lost to deforestation every year. We have teamed up with our new ecopartner Graine de Vie to help them plant more trees and in so doing, fight climate change and support the local communities in the region. To date Graine de Vie have planted over 25,000,000 trees!

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