Earth Day 2020

Today is Earth Day 2020, 50 years since 10m people took to the streets to protest against environmental pollution and gave birth to the modern environmental movement. This is a day to acknowledge and celebrate that history but it’s also a day to start making our own.

At Terra Neutra we’ve been busy over the last few weeks, and if not making history then at least trying to. Today we are very happy to be able to share what we’ve been up to.

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees

Hands up if you don’t love trees (PS I don’t believe you). It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Terra Neutra’s ‘Small Acorns’ project. It’s named after an old saying (my mother was fond of quoting it when I was younger);

“Small acorns grow great oaks”.

We’re going to plant 1,000 trees.  We’d love to grow that to 10x that number. But Small Acorns!

Currently the UK is running a long way behind the tree-planting capacity required if we’re to the net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050. So we need to plant a LOT of trees. Small Acorns is our (modest) contribution to that goal.

We won’t be limiting ourselves to oaks but we are hoping that the trees we plant will grow to be great both in size and in number. Below is a picture of the first five official ‘Small Acorns’ trees (Field Maple, Beech, Birch, Oak and Hornbeam since you ask).

Some of you may be aware of a campaign we’ve been running called 1K4Earth Day. We’re asking people to make one (or more) of four commitments to take action vs. climate change. The commitments speak to Terra Neutra’s key brand pillars of Awareness, Reduction and Offsetting. We’ll be publishing the results of the campaign towards the end of this week and you can still sign up to one (or more) of them and/or persuade everyone you know to do the same 🙂 AWARENESS: #Participator

view of the Earth from space, blue planet and deep black space

Follow Us, Like Us, Tag A Friend to follow @terra_neutra REDUCTION: #Switcher

Reduce carbon footprint by switching to a renewable energy supplier like Bulb REDUCTION #Campaigner

Sign The Friends Of The Earth petition calling on govt. to reduce carbon emissions: OFFSET: #Offsetter

Offset 1K tonnes of carbon via the Earth Day 2020 Tonne offset product (or by subscribing to one of the Terra Neutra annual footprint subscription products). For every Earth Day 2020 Tonne products sold, we are donating £2.50 to the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal.


Terra Neutra Partners
Finally, we are super-excited to be working with two amazing new partners in Rocket Insights and DoBeDo Represents. We love pretty much everything about both companies but particularly that they have made a  commitment to being socially responsible, sustainable businesses. That commitment is at the heart of their culture and we are very proud to be playing a small part in their journey towards carbon neutrality (and very humbled that they have chosen to work with Terra Neutra).

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