Missions and Values

Why Carbon Positive?

The term ‘carbon neutral’ is used a lot. This is where we look at our emissions and then create ways to offset those emissions bringing us to neutral.

It’s not that the things we do don’t create carbon but overall what we take down from the atmosphere is the same as what we create.

What if?

What if we created a goal of reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by creating a scenario where we actually output less emissions than we take down. So that overall number of 51.8 billion comes down to 51.79 billion…

Net-Zero by 2050

Ok it’s not a lot but it is a start and makes it easier the next year for everyone else!

So what if every country was carbon positive, suddenly that 51.8 billion would be 100 million and we would have to work a lot less in order to achieve our goal of net-zero by 2050.


We stay aligned with, and practice, our values when facing tough decisions

We take responsibility for representing our values when communicating

Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do

We represent information and data accurately and completely

We’re willing to talk about our emotions even if it feels awkward

We are willing to make mistakes and discuss them in an open and honest way


We know what we are ok with and what we are not ok with

Our communication is clear, concise and considered

We deconstruct complex issues to inspire action

Before we make a decision we must understand why

We will ensure our customer experience is simple

We understand the goals and priorities of the business


Be a radiator, not a drain

We approach our work with a sense of possibility and positivity, taking risks, even when the outcome is uncertain

We feel empowered to take initiative vs. always waiting for direction

We will confront challenges and resistance with a positive mindset, where individually we falter we will seek support from our peers/team

We believe that positive social and environmental change is possible

We will give ourselves the space to play so that we’re able to maintain a positive mindset


We are John, Charlotte and Luke and we set up Terra Neutra to help make a difference to climate change.

We help companies reduce their environmental impact through carbon offsetting.

The idea for Terra Neutra formed out of our combined climate consciousness’ getting the better of us.

John has helped many large businesses with their net zero commitments.

Luke has worked in the media and technology space and has done a LOT of flying for work in the past which means his own personal carbon footprint is much higher than the average person’s.

Charlotte started a more conscious sustainability journey when she took redundancy from her corporate job and set about reducing the amount of plastic in her household, as her interest grew this led to more and more changes and action.

We’re all parents with children ranging from 3 to 17, and the realisation that their future enjoyment of our planet is at risk was another motivation to found Terra Neutra.

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